Rene Iannarelli Workshop June 19, 2023

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Rene Iannarelli was our guest presenter at Cranberry Country Quilters on June 19, 2023. Participants started with a block or two that was left over from other projects they had done along with some extra fabric.

“We had a great time ‘stepping out’ of our traditional ‘boxes’. Learned many new techniques and ideas.” – Cheryl Breitenfeldt

Below are some photos from the workshop.

Rene Iannarelli, our guest presenter, demonstrating techniques to make a new quilt from an old/orphaned block. – Photo by Beth Moore
Rene demonstrating her techniques to CCQ members attending the workshop. – Photo by Beth Moore
Stepping “outside the box” can be scary and amazing! – Photo by Cheryl Breitenfeldt
How to make something “new” using something “old” and a lot of creativity! – Photo by Cheryl Breitenfeldt